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July 19 - Workshop programme online.
March 17
- Workshop website now online.

Important Dates

  June 15, 2011
  June 22, 2011

  Notification of

  July 5, 2011


  September 4, 2011


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We are interested in submissions from both industry and academia on all topics related to this important area. Topics of interest to ASAS include, but are not limited to:

  • formal notations for modeling and analyzing self-adaptation
  • measurement and evaluation of resilience, security, performance, and cost in adaptive systems
  • run-time verification and validation
  • stochastic analysis
  • reasoning in the presence of uncertainty
  • benchmarking resilience
  • combination of run-time and development-time evidence
  • social aspects of assurances
  • resilient cases for self-adaptive systems